An easy approach to ranking players (and finding the most valuable pitchers in MLB).

Let’s face it: one of the most time-consuming things in the world is the process of ranking any category of players for (fantasy) baseball purposes, let it be pitchers (starters or relievers), batters, prospects, mascots, whichever you need/want to rank. Furthermore, most of the time, it can be a very subjective task and that makes … Read more

2021 Starting Pitchers Very Early Preview

Looking at the 2020 season numbers only, these are the pitcher’s tiers going into the 2021 season, rated by speX. If you are not familiar with speX, it is a Simple Pitching Estimator indeX, an aggregate indicator of sorts comprised of other stats, namely CSW, (K-BB)/IP, SIERA, and real FStrike%, weighted and scaled so the … Read more

SpeX: a simple yet effective index to grade pitchers and estimate future performance.

Some pitching stats, like Called Strikes plus Whiffs (CSW) and Strikeouts minus Walks per inning (K-BB)/IP, are useful to get an initial estimate of pitcher’s performances due to their descriptive capacities, but also because of their predictability qualities, confirmed through their correlation with other stats. As an example, in a constrained data set, CSW and … Read more

World Series Game 4: What to expect from the starting pitchers.

After the first three games in this WS, Dodgers took the advantage and leads 2-1 thanks to a stellar performance by Walker Buehler who kept Rays’ batters on a leash for most of the game. Now, we head to game four and the announced openers are Julio Urias and Ryan Yarbrough, two lefthanded pitchers with … Read more

Trouble with the curve

Sandy Koufax, Bert Blyleven, Satchel Page, Tom Glavine, Barry Zito, Clayton Kershaw: all of them amazing pitchers with a big common thing: they own some of the best curveballs in the game. We are used to seeing Kershaw’s 12-to-6 beautiful curveball, like this one, in action: That was Nick Ahmed being Kershaw’s 2500 lifetime strikeout … Read more

Pitching with advantage.

Picture this: you are an MLB pitcher, finishing your warm-up routine in the bullpen while your team, as visitors, is batting for the first time in the game you are going to be the starter. Between throws, you take a peek at the field and you see movement around the bases; your playmates are getting … Read more

Top 50 Pitchers Kwindex Leaderboard – 09/08/2020

Welcome to this updated edition of the Top 50 Pitchers Kwindex Leaderboard. You will find for every pitcher in the charts: their updated rank, their Kwindex, the Season Ranking Changes and a “Movement from the last leaderboard” column (Mov). We are going to review them by tiers, so let’s start right away with the upper … Read more