TOP 50 Pitchers Rest Of Season.

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This is a new update to the Kwindex Leaderboard which tries to provide a look of which are the top SPs for the rest of the season.

Following good advice from @yosoyrorro, I’ve done some changes on the way the relationship between pitchers positions in the leaderboard work and what does their Kwindex indicate.

You will now find a “Movement from the last leaderboard” column (Mov) and a “Note” Column with a small comment for each of the top 30 pitchers and any worthy mention from that on.

Let’s start right away with the upper echelon:

The biggest change is Tyler Glasnow’s irruption to this level after his fantastic last outing. We already knew he was going to improve, as noted in the last update, and he should be a TOP 10 guy Rest Of the Season (ROS).

BTW, don’t discount Trevor Bauer, his stuff is just too good to be out of the Top 10.

Second Tier:

No-No Kid wants to be in the big boy’s table; I’m not sure Giolito will be a TOP 10 guy this year but TOP 15 sounds about right.

Civale’s control keeps sharp and his ability to attack the zone early (as Maeda does) will continue making him successful.

Looks like Framber Valdez found his rightful place on the board and should be a TOP 20 guy for the rest of the year.

Third tier:

My man, Tommy Milone is still dealing, but he is regressing to his true form, so he should stay out of the TOP 20 ROS but still is a great Top 25.

I’m worried about Kyle Hendricks, that’s why I am downgrading him to TOP 30, could fall to TOP 40.

Luzardo is showing some rawness in his control, might drop out of Top 30 if those struggles continue.

Danny Duffy is back and I think you should keep a good eye on him and get him wherever you can just keep in mind he still has some forearm discomfort.

Rest of the top 50:

I am somehow reluctant on Lance Lynn, but he has proved me wrong before, I still think he won’t finish the season as a top 30 pitcher.

Corbin Burnes is starting to show the early season love he got, he will continue to progress on the board.

Carlos Carrasco is due to crack the Top 30 really soon.

I’m out of any Brady Singer stock I had, his (k-bb)/ip is just too far from good now.

Next week we’ll update the leaderboard and check on how things look for the rest of the way.

Here is the complete table with complementary information: (k-bb)/ip, CSW, K%-BB%, pCRA, ERA, SIERA, Zone%, F-Strike%, Kwindex.

All data used was taken from, and/or, unless otherwise stated different. pCRA data was taken from this spreadsheet, maintained by its creator Connor Kurcon.

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