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As we are closing the midway point for this season, I’m updating the Kwindex Leaderboard. Let’s divided it into groups of ten pitchers and comment about them. I have made the cut on pitchers with at least 19 IP and please remember that it is ordered by better Kwindex which is an aggregate index that serves as a simplification for a number of stats, the higher it is, the better the chance on continued success. Let’s look at the first tier:

Big names here with Bieber and Kershaw at the top and guys like Nola, Darvish, and deGrom among the ten best pitchers.

Nice surprises in Elieser Hernández and Kevin Gausman, they should be taken wherever available. Dylan Bundy continues his dominance with a bit of regression, Zach Plesac and Trevor Bauer keep showing they are for real.

Tier 2:

Kenta Maeda has made his way to the upper echelons with his recent appearances, he is constantly attacking the zone with his first pitch although the king of this art is Tommy Milone who is still in the top 20 and returning with ample margin the zero dollar investment you might have spent in him.

It’s surprising to see Cole out of the top 10, it’s not a matter of quality but it speaks great about the 11 preceding guys.

Third level:

Tyler Glasnow has let us down this year but it’s not all lost, there’s still elite K ability, so he might turn things around sooner than we think.

Although Kyle Hendricks is issuing the least amount of walks ever in his career, he is also striking out fewer batters than ever too and that worries me, I would sell now.

Fourth tier:

This is what I call the “bubble” tier. The likes of Sean Manaea, Andrew Heaney, Framber Váldez, and especially Danny Duffy are moving upstairs just watch out as Duffy is dealing with forearm tightness after his last start.

Last tier:

Big name here is Lance Lynn, of course. What I reason about his ranking is that there is a big adjustment coming, it’s just that he’s been so good that makes me wonder about it.

Corbin is worth a second look, I am betting on a resurgence on the “second half”.

Let’s see how close to reality we get in this wild, wild, as no other before, season.

All data used was taken from, and/or, unless otherwise stated different. pCRA data was taken from this spreadsheet, maintained by its creator Connor Kurcon.

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